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Russia fascinates travelers from around the world for decades. There are so many places to visit, so many regions to discover and so many things to experience. Walking on the red place of Moscow, discovering the architectures of Saint-Petersburg, seeing a Ballet in Bolshoi theatre, meeting with natives people of Siberia, taking the mythical trans-Siberian, come back in the historical period of communism, reasons are unlimited to travel to Russia. From Moscow to the Kamchatka peninsula, this wealthy country is filled with many attractions that people enjoy to discover.

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This site is dedicating on Russia and some specific regions of Russia such as republic of Tuva and Khakassia. If you're looking for a whole guided travel in Siberia or just some tips about your own journey through Russia, you will enjoy the informations contains in this website. You’re also welcome to visit the links of our partners.

Since the fall of communism in early 90s, tourists from all over the world discover the beauty of Russia and come to see the charms of this country that was close for decades. If the city of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg are the most popular destinations of Russia, Siberia is still the best option for those of you that want a real meeting with the traditional Russia : meeting with shamans, trekking in the mountains, nomadic traditions of Tuva, all kind of trips are possible in Siberia.


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Independent travelers or simply looking for importants advises to obtain your russian visa, you are sincerely welcome on our site about travel to Russia. Either one is looking for a cruise on the Volga river or a real adventure in the mythical trans-Siberian railway, Russia is always deeply appreciated by travelers from all background.

Be one of those traveler in quest of the russian soul and take part in a great adventure in the ancient empire of Tsar of Russia.

We invite you to have a look at our itinerary in Siberia especially designed for travelers that want to discover some amazing regions of Siberia (republic of Tuva and Khakassia).

This internet site is an advise services for travelers from all background that wish to organise their own unique siberian adventure. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for more informations about Russia or your travel in Siberia.

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Travel in some remote part of Russia and discover the beauty and the cultural difference within Russia itself. The new section : REGIONS OF RUSSIA is full of original content helping you to organise your trip to Russia.

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Our site is dedicated to travel information for Russia and countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan). Tips for preparing your adventure in Russia or planning your stay in Russia, you're in the right place. Come visit our new section on minority languages of Siberia. We also invite you to come on the biggest travel guide information section travel destinations throughout Russia.

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Russia (in Russian:
Россия) inspires for centuries travelers from every continent. Visit the architectural St. Petersburg, meeting with the traditional people of Sibérie or return in the footsteps of communism, the reasons are endless to come to Russia. From Moscow to Kamchatka, a country rich in history and great epics is filled with attractions and charms that leaves no one indifferent.

Or independent travelers in search of tips and tricks to get your Russian visa, you are welcome on this website. What we want to live the charms of a cruise on the Volga, or even make the trip legendary Trans-Siberian, Russia conquered
the hearts of all who venture there and take the time to appreciate it.

Be part of those travelers who go to meet the Russian soul and now embark on this great adventure in the land of the Tsars.

We invite you to consult the travel itinerary specially manufactured for travelers wishing to learn French shamanistic traditions of the Republic of Tuva. For other travel throughout Siberia, contact us now.

This website is a counseling service for all travelers in search of French information to organize their trip to Russia. Feel free to contact our team of experts on Russia
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Information on all regions of Russia

We are currently in full wording of a special section dedicated to the 21 republics of Russia. You can then find the information to prepare your travel adventure in one or the other of the 21 autonomous republics of the Russian federation.